Board of Education Highlights 06.07.21


The meeting was reopened for public seating for the first time in more than a year. Teleconferencing was also utilized, and the meeting was additionally streamed to Facebook Live. Public comment was available through email and voice recording prior to the meeting. Watch the meeting HERE.


The District celebrated its Top 10 performing students at Firebaugh and Lynwood high schools as attending parents and educators cheered them on. The exceptional group includes:

FIREBAUGH HIGH SCHOOL: 1. Angelica Pena, 4.42 GPA (UC Berkeley); 2. Evelyn Ramos, 4.39 GPA (USC); 3. Angel Silva, 4.38 GPA (UC Irvine); 4. Elena Luna, 4.37 (Gap Year); 5. Jocelyn Perez, 4.36 (UCLA); 6. Anely Hernandez, 4.34 GPA (UCLA); 7. Georgina Lizzette Flores, 4.32 (UCLA); 8. Richard Reynoso, 4.29 (UC Irvine); 9. Jesus Rizo, 4.29 (UC Irvine); 10. Daniel Castillo, 4.26 (UC Berkeley).

LYNWOOD HIGH SCHOOL: 1. Alexa Escamilia, 4.53 GPA (UCLA); 2. America Castaneda, 4.50 GPA (UC Berkeley); 3. Ivan Vega, 4.48 GPA (UCLA); 4. Amelie Luna, 4.40 GPA (UCLA); 5. Neida Lugo, 4.37 GPA (Charles R. Drew); 6. Jamie Lopez 4.37 GPA (UCSB); 7. Mia Flores, 4.35 GPA (UCLA); 8. Alex McSwain, 4.33 GPA (CSULB); 9. Jada Laititi, 4.32 GPA (LMU); 10. Gilbert Campos-Munoz, 4.28 GPA (Cerritos College). 


Chief Business Officer Gregory Fromm provided an update on the Lynwood High School G Building which has been under review. It was announced that the building will need to be replaced as the state will not allow a District to repair a building if the repair cost is estimated to be more than 50 percent of what it would take to rebuild it. The rest of the Lynwood High School campus, aside from the G building and Performing Arts Center, will be accessible, and LUSD plans on using it to support students and programs.

The District is right on schedule with the renovations to the Lynwood Middle School campus, which will host Lynwood High students for the upcoming fall.



Representatives of the Local Control and Accountability Plan committee joined the meeting via Zoom to discuss the submitted new LCAP which describes the District’s key goals for students, plan to achieve and measure them, as well as a spending plan. The committee is a collaboration of leaders, community members and students who partner to better serve students. See the full LCAP draft HERE.



The District honored the work of principals and assistant principals during a special ceremony that included plaques and a decorated lobby that featured each administrator’s name and special qualities.


Student Board representatives were recognized and presented with flowers - gifted scholarships by the Lynwood Partners Educational Foundation - on their final day of delivering student reports. Students are closing out the year with senior activities while preparing for graduation and college and career success.