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LUSD Board of Education

About the Board of Education

The Lynwood Unified School District Board of Education is the governing body of the District, which acts during legally constituted meetings in which a quorum of the Board is required.

The Board is comprised of five locally elected public officials and derives its powers from the Constitution and Statutes of the State of California. The Board of Education represents the people of the District and functions as a vision-setting, policy-making and evaluating body. The Board provides oversight for the professionals who manage the day-to-day operations of the schools and has complete jurisdiction over the District.

To learn more about school boards, read School Board Leadership: The role and function of California’s school boards, a publication of California School Board Association.

Board Members

Alfonso Morales, Esq. - President
Julian Del Real-Calleros - Vice President
Gary Hardie, Jr. - Clerk

Maria G. Lopez - Member
Alma Carina Castro, Ed.D. - Member