Hosler Middle School Named Model School

Hosler Middle School has been recognized as a School to Watch by the California League of Educators (CLE), celebrating its overall high performance and positive, engaging school environment that empowers students to succeed.

Over the last couple of years, Hosler has increased elective opportunities for students, provided them with additional social-emotional learning resources through its Crossroad and Movement programs, and also made upgrades to the campus.

During the 2021-22 school year, Hosler Middle School had to pivot as Lynwood Middle School merged with Hosler during the relocation of Lynwood High School to the Bullis campus. Hosler welcomed more than 600 additional students from Lynwood Middle onto the campus and helped create a seamless transition for students and families.

While the merging of two schools presented obstacles along the way, Hosler persevered and has since increased the number of pathways available for students to support their academic success.

“It’s very exciting to be recognized for our work and culture here at Hosler Middle School.” Principal John Terry said. “I’m honored to be a part of such an incredible and positive school culture that focuses on providing students with everything they need to achieve.”

Hosler offers students a rigorous and engaging curriculum aimed at challenging students’ academic skills and providing them with the necessary knowledge to succeed as they prepare for high school. Additionally, students receive ample opportunities to pursue their interests and passions through electives that include computer science, college-prep courses, medicine, robotics and art.

Hosler serves students with special needs through its Competent Learner Model (CLM), which includes research-validated solutions for solving the major problems faced by educators and parents of children with significant learning challenges. The CLM program allows instructors to learn how to best work with students who are eligible for special education.

In 2022, Hosler Middle School received a Gold Award for its implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports from the California PBIS Coalition, which recognized the school’s efforts in maintaining a supportive school culture that cultivates success campus-wide.

The process of selection for California Model Schools consisted of an application submitted by the campus to the CLE, and a campus visit, during which CLE representatives participated in classroom walkthroughs and spoke with students, staff and families about their experiences within the Hosler community.

“The Hosler Middle School community has been faced with many challenges in the last two years and has continued to turn each of them into an opportunity for improvement,” Superintendent Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite said. “I am proud of the staff, teachers, and students for all they have done to put students first and ensure they succeed regardless of the circumstances they faced. They are well-deserving of this recognition.”


Feb. 10, 2023