VIDEO: Lynwood Unified Ignites Passions Among High Schoolers with Career Technical Education Month

Lynwood Unified unlocks brilliance in every student, transforming lives through innovative and enriching Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways that expose scholars to thriving industries and high-demand careers.

As part of CTE Month, recognized in February, Lynwood Unified is proud to highlight its cutting-edge pathways offered at Lynwood and Firebaugh high schools, from engineering and biomedical sciences to dance and culinary arts. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology that professionals in the field use, students can explore medical assisting, performing arts and photography at Lynwood High School and film and video production and mental health at Firebaugh High School.

“This is a time when we’re deciding what to do. This is a time where our minds are most curious,” said Brigitte Lopez, an engineering student at Firebaugh High School. “Being able to engage in these programs, engage in the projects, the competitions, the experiences that they provide is very important to our youth.”

Join Lynwood Unified in celebrating the power of CTE and ENROLL TODAY!