Lynwood Unified Students Venture to Catalina Island, Engage in Hands-on Science and Nature Activities

A group of fifth-grade students at Will Rogers Elementary School embarked on an enriching overnight camping adventure to Catalina Island March 16-17, engaging in various hands-on activities to foster a deep appreciation of nature, science and environmental conservancy.

Through a Watershed Conservation Authority Grant, the Catalina Island Conservancy piloted the first in a series of all-expenses-paid trips set to take place through 2024 for fifth-graders at Will Rogers and Abbott elementary schools.

The Catalina Island Conservancy aims to preserve, educate and enhance visitors' experiences on the island, providing them with the tools and knowledge to immerse themselves in its ecosystem responsibly. 

Teacher chaperones and knowledgeable conservancy educators accompanied students as they participated in sightseeing activities, including exploring diverse flora at the Ackerman Native Plant Nursery and Wrigley Memorial Botanical Garden and kayaking through the island waters. Additionally, students enjoyed an overnight camping experience complete with s'mores and stargazing.

The opportunity gave students a fresh perspective on the natural world and highlighted the significance of hands-on learning experiences, such as learning to plant, pitch a tent, build a fire and more. It also fostered deeper environmental appreciation among students. Lynwood Unified administrators are exploring expanding the opportunity to other schools in the future.