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Vision Statement

Accelerate digital equity and create modern learning opportunities through reliable and accessible technology.

Mission Statement

Ensure all students are prepared for life beyond school (TK-12) by ensuring equity of access to reliable and relevant technology to support innovative and creative opportunities.

Goal & Objective

Provide ongoing support and maintenance for student devices and classroom technology

  • Follow the district replacement cycle to ensure all students & staff have current devices for their technology needs.

  • Expediently respond to support requests from students & staff.

  • Regularly survey and assess student & staff needs around technology.

  • Perform a yearly assessment of the district’s network infrastructure to determine if it is able to support evolving technology

Approach to Cybersecurity

In Lynwood Unified, we take the protection of student and staff data very seriously and focus on effectively counteracting the actions of those who wish to access our data by implementing the following:

  1. Zero Trust Architecture/Framework: This approach detects all threats to the organization, which is done through the following:
    • Devices: As part of our district policy, we securely identify all devices connected to our internal network and have an asset management system in place that identifies equipment that has been issued to each user.
    • User Authentication: We are in the process of deploying multi-factor authentication for all staff in the coming months to provide yet another layer of protection in accessing district resources and tools. Currently, there is a requirement for users to create a strong password to help keep personal info safe, protect emails, files, and other content, and prevent someone else from getting into accounts. All users are encouraged to turn on multi-factor authentication on personal and professional accounts.
    • Network: We are constantly monitoring our internal network to scan for nefarious and suspicious activity and have deployed a next-generation firewall that provides increased visibility and threat protection. Network access control on our WiFi systems is also constantly monitored for unusual activity.
  2. Cloud Computing Solutions: Cloud computing is the approach where many of our services (Gmail, Google Drive, Aeries, LACOE payroll, and others) are provided by cloud hosting providers that are continuously protected by the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. This built-in security automatically detects and prevents online threats, so we are confident that our private information is safe. Many of the district's mission critical applications are hosted by providers where we have service level agreements with backup and disaster recovery policies in effect.
  3. Endpoint detection and response tools: We have implemented a combination of cybersecurity tools that allow us to detect, monitor, and control cybersecurity and safety risks including next-generation endpoint device protection and full attack visibility.
  4. Staff dedicated to Cybersecurity: Our Technology & Innovation organizational chart includes a Computer Security Analyst position whose sole responsibility is monitoring the security of our technology services and applications. We are also working with the Personnel Commission to introduce a new job specification for a Network & Cybersecurity Manager in the next month.
  5. User Training and Professional Development: In collaboration with HR, we will be refining, developing, and implementing mandatory cybersecurity responsibility training across the district. This includes the use of simulated phishing attacks which provides increased security awareness training.
As cyberattacks continue to increase and become more sophisticated, our district will also work to strengthen our practices in a way this is purpose-built to our school and community needs while also continuously improving our ability to protect valuable information and data.  

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to keep our student and staff data safe and secure.