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New Employees

Welcome to the Lynwood Unified School District! This page is a resource guide created for new employees, like you, to assist you in finding answers to general questions, as well as to help you navigate through the various resources available in the District. We are excited for your first day of employment and want to make this new transition a positive experience for you. Follow the directions below to participate in the new employee online orientation and complete all of the necessary forms.  As a new employee, you must complete items 1-5 below using the links below.
1)  View the new employee orientation video for your classification (Certificated or Classified)through the links below. Click on the square on the lower right hand corner to view the full screen.
2)  Complete the Onboarding Packet in the Before You StartUse the accompanying slide deck as a guide to correctly completing the forms.  Incorrect packets will result in a delay in processing.
3)  Review the section titled On Your First Day
4) Complete the Benefits Package in the During Your First Two Weeks. Use the accompanying slide deck as a guide to correctly completing the forms.  Incorrect packets will result in a delay in processing.
5) Complete all required Keenan Trainings.   You will receive a separate form from your school site with specific trainings and the deadline.
6) Review information regarding bargaining units (LTA, CSEA, or SEIU) and choose to enroll for membership.
7)Technology Department:  Earn points and badges with Pique!
8)Student Services 
9)Equity, Access and Instruction
  • Confirm you have met all the clearance requirements of the Human Resources Department
Requirements for HR Clearance:
    • Completion of the Onboarding Packet (Open link in new tab.)
    • Open this slide deck in a new tab to help you complete your new hire paperwork
    • Upload your Tuberculosis Test & Results within 60 days from date of job offer
    • Upload driver's license and social security card to the Onboarding Packet.
    • For Child Care Employees or Volunteers for ECE programs – Upload Proof of Influenza, Measles, and Pertussis
  • Meet with your supervisor and/or directed designee.
  • Familiarize yourself with your department or school site (i.e., facility access/exit, restrooms, lounges, parking, etc.).
  • Secure email address and access to District email from Information Systems & Technology Department.
  • Secure copying machine login.
  • Visit the Employee Benefits Guide linked below to make your insurance plan selections before you complete the Benefits Package. To correctly identify your monthly contribution once you have selected your plan, review the insurance rates.  To know your monthly insurance rate, identify the Union group.  Certificated employees listed in the  certificated new employee orientation video choose the LTA column. Classified employees choose either CSEA or SEIU based upon the group who represents your job classification.  You will have a full 30 days enrollment period from your hire date to enroll in benefits. Employees who work four (4) or more hours are eligible for employee benefits.
  • Benefits Package Forms to complete 
  • 2023 CalPERS Health and Welfare Insurance Rates
  • Employee Benefits Guide
  • Dental & Vision
  • Life Insurance
Certificate Bargaining Agreement (CBA):  Lynwood Teachers Association CTA/NEZ
Classified Bargaining Agreement (CBA):   Classified School Employees Association (CSEA)
                                                                   Service Employees International (SEIU)
The safety of our staff and students is of utmost importance. Each year new all current employees are required to complete annual anti-harassment trainings as well as child abuse mandated reporter training.  Please click on the Keenan Training link to complete your annual mandated trainings.  
PIQUE is Lynwood Unified School District’s online professional learning experience that offers learners an opportunity to grow and advance their skills anytime, from anywhere. All your LUSD Technology  materials are housed in PIQUE. To get started, click on the Getting Started with Technology link. Choose open link in a new tab.

The Student Services Department provides student support in the following areas:

  •      Attendance
  •      Discipline
  •      Counseling
  •      Health
  •      Child welfare
District Website:  Student Services Department
District Website:  Equity, Access and Instruction