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Welcome to Lynwood Unified School District Human Resources page for Substitutes!  Here you will find information for Substitutes and current training opportunities.  The Human Resources Department is committed to the recruitment, retention and training of our Substitutes that will create a positive and effective 21st century learning environment for our students. Our goal for our Substitutes is to build a foundation of employee excellence through  training and development  which supports the mission and goals of the district. 

We are excited to announce we have ongoing professional development training for you that you can take at any time.  These trainings are from The Master Teacher®.  For over 50 years, they have offered comprehensive, flexible professional development solutions that meet school and district needs. We are implementing this training to support you and to help provide continuity of instruction for our students while under your supervision.  Starting February 15, 2023, all newly hired substitutes to Lynwood Unified School District will be required to take the first eight (8) courses. You will have two weeks to complete the courses. You may start to substitute prior to completing all of the required courses. 

STLN 101 - Introduction to Being a Substitute Teacher

STLN 102 - Making Connections and a Good Impression

STLN 103 – The First 30 Seconds

STLN 104 – Being an Effective Classroom Manager

STLN 105 – Communication in the School

STLN 106 – Effective Classroom Discipline

SLTN 107 – Active Learning

STLN 108 – Learning Styles and Strategies


Each course is 45 minutes in length, requires an 80 percent as a passing score and will provide a certificate of completion. You can review the course as many times as you choose. Other courses include:


STLN 110 – Supporting Instruction:  Reading

STLN 111 – Supporting Instruction:  Writing

STLN 112 – Supporting Instruction:  Mathematics

STLN 113 – Reading Comprehension:  Narrative Texts

STLN 114 – Reading Comprehension:  Informative Texts

STLN 115 – Reading Comprehension:  Decoding Language and Utilizing Layout

STLN 116 – Writing Fundamentals:  Parts of Speech and Effective Sentences

STLN 117 – Writing Fundamentals:  Mechanics of Writing

STLN 118 – Mathematics”  Understanding the Basic Skills

STLN 119 – Mathematics:  Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

STLN 120  - Basic Algebra

STLN 121 – Basic Geometry

STLN 122 – Mathematics:  Data Analysis

STLN 123 – Introduction to Emergency Action Principles

STLN 124 – Providing Care in an Emergency


To take advantage of this opportunity, all current subs will receive an official invite from The Master Teacher®You need this invite to register.  This invite will be sent to your email address.  Also, a link will be posted onto the Human Resources Department’s website under Substitute Staff.


These courses are open to all substitute teachers on a voluntary basis.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity!


The District will correspond with all Substitutes through their email. As long as you are an official substitute of Lynwood Unified School District, your email will be the main source of communication in lieu of your personal email. Daily auditing of your email is highly recommended.


Work Hours/ Pay Rate/Time Cards

All Substitute work hours are from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Please check in with the secretary upon your arrival. The pay rate for substitutes in Early Child Education classrooms is $135.00 per day.  The substitute rate for TK - 12 classrooms is $180.00 per day.  After a total of working 21 days, substitutes can earn $210.00 per day.  All Substitutes will complete the yellow sub card for payment.  A Principal’s signature is required at the completion of your substitute assignment. Substitute time cards should be turned into Laura Trujillo, at the front desk in the District Office, on the 25th of each month.

Credential Renewal

Credential Renewal maybe done online only. Please refer to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website for the latest information regarding California Credential requirements.

The renewal process for your Clear, Professional, or Professional Clear Credential, or reissuance of your 30-Day Substitute Permit can be submitted on-line with the use of a major credit card.

Begin by visiting the CCTC credential renewal web site.

  • Enter your social security number and date of birth.
  • Select the renew box next to the credential(s) that you wish to renew.
  • If you have a professional clear credential you will need to enter information for the self-verification process. If you hold a 30-Day Substitute Permit, a Clear, or a Professional Credential the system will take you directly to step 4.
  • Answer the Personal and Professional Fitness questions. If you answer yes to a question, a full explanation is required in the text box provided.
  • Complete all required fields to process your payment. Enter a confirmation e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail confirmation shortly thereafter - please forward this confirmation notice to Human Resources office. When you receive your renewed credential, bring it in so we can make a copy and update your records - or copy both sides and send the copy to Human Resources.
  • Print the confirmation of payment page for your records and record your confirmation number.


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