ENROLLMENT Into Dual Immersion

At your schools K enrollment meeting, there will be "Request Forms" available. If this is something you want for your child, fill one out and submit to your site's administrator, who will submit to Will Rogers.
If you belong to Will Rogers, once accepted into the program, you will be notified at registration time. If your home school is other in Lynwood, we will provide you with the "Acceptance Notice" that you will take to Student Services and then you will be able to enroll at Will Rogers.
If you belong to another district, you need to fill out a request form in Students Services. This will be sent to the ELL Coordinator and Will Rogers. Once they determined if there is room and have assessed for primary language, you will be called to report to Will Rogers and an "Acceptance Notice" will be given to you to take to Student Services, then you will be able to enroll at Will Rogers.
If you are trying to enroll at a different grade, because your child primary language is the Target Language and or because you come from another Dual Immersion program at another district, you will fill out a "Request Form" at Students Services or Will Rogers office. The team will assess availability and appropriate placement. If accepted, you will receive the "Acceptance Notice" to take to Student Services and then you will be able to enroll at Will Rogers.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: At the time of enrollment into the Dual program held at Will Rogers, a "Commitment Form" must be signed by the parent/guardian, This forms indicates that you understand how the program works and what the commitment is. This form will be kept in the student's file. In the case your child leaves the program before the 7 years commitment, you will be asked to write a statement on that form about your decision and sign.